Software Engineering

The Difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering


To the average person, the terms software engineer and computer science may sound like the same thing. A lot of people just lump them on the same category because they just call everything associated with computer programs as "Software". They may seem interchangeable, but it really is not. There is a huge difference between the role of software engineering and computer science. If you want to know more about the software engineering and how it relates to computer science, then you should definitely read on.


Software Engineering

When it comes to this particular field of work, it requires a rigorous approach to developing, maintaining and testing the computer software. These professionals are knowledgeable about the requirements, design, development, maintenance and testing of the software they are dealing with. They have undergone years of study and experience to use the tools and methods to get through the process. Basically, it is like a mix of computer science (theory) and systems engineering (practical) with skills in project management as well. These professionals do not only possess technical skills, but managerial skills as well.


Computer Science

The field of computer science from Dillon Bostwick on the other hand deals with the theory of what the computers can do and programming is the process of making the computers carry out these things. Professionals in this field are responsible for converting the specifications of the software (theory) into working code (practical) for the computer.


Computer science from Dillon Bostwick in itself is strongly a mathematical science. It deals with algorithms and other theoretical aspects of the computer. A computer scientist can has knowledge of the rules that any computer system follows. Someone in the field of computer science has the ability to develop efficient, scalable algorithms as well as anticipate any logical reductions and reason soundly about what is manageable.


In today's society these terms have been quite muddled up. There are many similarities between the two fields since professionals in both fields are required to have knowledge in how computers work, how the programs are developed and structures and what is to be expected of the outcome.


The bottom line is computer science is often overseen by the mathematical department since it deals with computational mathematics, while computer engineering is taught in engineering school. While they may work in the same field, they each have their differences and it is quite important that people are aware of this so that they can be more informed.